Valuable existence

It is an actually candid, considerate person though it tends to give a hard to please impression. It aims at the number 1 pursuing originality without excelling in the idea and creativity with which the originality overflows, and imitating the person. It actually has an honest human nature that doesn't bargain, and it can be said a sincere type that a negligent action is not done though there is a thing that is said, 'It was changeable' to catch things by an aspect different from the person, and seems that an obstinate character it, too. The presence of others do be known of it smoothes over, and it affects it because of not thinking, and puzzled without understanding how I may meet to the person even by myself in the attitude it is snappish and without the affectation of me and no do be known whether it is a real intention either.
The zeal that scrupulously starts to a careful sect and work pursues 'Ultimateness' of my own way by the serious one. The plan that I made is accomplished faithfully and steadily by one step a step when translating into action once though takes time to begin to translate into action after the careful planning is deliberately worked over by thoroughly thinking about what until being possible to consent. It thinks, and however, the action is not accompanied in, and the caution needed because there is respect where it doesn't listen to a surrounding opinion either.
It tries to think by putting bonds of the interpersonal relationship and a social idea on boiling to dislike it becoming impossible to do a calm judgment by feelings and the preconception once, and being seemed to be cool and cold-hearted there is not few either. However, the objective aspect is connected with excellent vision that foresees the age, and Yomi that put aim together in the future now has the sharp one. There is obstinacy that carries out my belief and the road that I believed even if it works out the plan of the limit about which it thoroughly thinks, and surroundings say very much, and the original intention accomplishment works in the motto and it works on things. The correspondence at the moment when Yomi comes off is not good one though it holds out steadily heading to targets while acting to the last by my pace. It is not a daring type, and one side is made to be peeped it is

テーマ : どーでもいいこと
ジャンル : コンピュータ

Dissociative Identity Disorder




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Multiple Personality Disorder
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