Country birth of 19XX all the year round
Sex: Woman
The career that can freely manipulate three present national
languages (English, Chinese, and Japanese): Because the material ..
forced hospitalization (admission by legal control)"I am three
Nishisoda".. said to "Mental Hospital" over several-time in one's
teens and in one's twenties lived in the third floor of the
hospital for a certain period of time
The isolation ward stays on in the said original place, and the
isolation ward material that does an extremely mysterious
experience is published in a certain magazine. >>
Case history: Schizophrenie and Paranoid schizophrenia Catatonia
schizophrenia hallucination system
Coexisting illness such as auditory hallucination visual
Because the influence goes out to the body, it embarrasses it >though the mental disorder thinks that "Productivity" only has to
be able to maintain the state far high.
Hot and sleeplessness are moved on 24H365 day. )

A present medicine is not interpretable either.
Moreover, the fact that the qualification can have been just still
done and I surpass the psychiatrist in Japan far.
(The psychiatrist is not separately denied. )The psychological
illness, the sleeping medicine, and the material of the fault etc.
of the drug therapy are scheduled to write around at the year after

Staple food: Halcion, Amoban, and Depas, etc.
(It is usual always going as for the psychiatrist's examination and
the pharmacist's confirmation. )When the sleeping medicine is
obtained, it is necessary to leave it to the psychiatrist's
I changed the psychiatrist three times.
Did it become an age when the psychiatrist with good convenience of
me was found?

Sweet: Cherry (red cigarette to which image is put out) Lushia 5m
etc. of captain black

Fashion making IQ by oneself that hobby musical instruments
(classic guitar, electric guitar, and electric bass) calligraphies,
arts, Japanese chesss, chesss, reading billiardss, Othello, slang
word English, takes a picture, and is original(There is an unusual
talent laboratory issue thesis. )

Site making and script mania foreign site mania, etc.
It has the acquisition of the trademark right in some measure. It
is necessary to submit the trademark right sent to application
again again because "Rejection reason book" came recently.
The following are the model utility right, and rights of design.
I want to acquire the business model patent (patent related to the
business) some time.
The world might have changed a little if a government "Right
relation" low, and at that time protected the right though a
Japanese technology surpassed the world much.
When this material is spoken, only it is omitted because it is
possible to do by one book volume. )

It is challenging uselessly about Guinness now.
As for the one's favorite genre, having put out cd in the past like
the flamenco jazz, funk, the metal, the pop blowout, and classics,
etc. is in the musical instrument calendar for 20 years or more.
When it is a school child, the personal computer calendar is not
understood for an unknown manufacturer.

Calligraphy: For a moment for ten years. A favorite character reads
like "Ka" and "Waco pretty face", etc. : The PC system, the music
system, and the law system. The qualification system etc. buy a
large amount of if Tstayaing and going.
Musical instruments;It applied electric guitar (self-study + mania
and share) is useless Boshanz, and useless sweep of a classic
guitar (It is on the register in a certain school for several years)
of the pursuit of flamenco and the slap only of the guitar now.
It is * when self-rule video of the base in the challenge musical
instrument mania in the limit of electric bass (It is only a base
recently) high-speed slap, high-speed Ppingharmone, and four
bowstrings such as useless, high-speed Tappingharmonics, too and
laughing and doing to Ki year's DVD making.

A favorite band: player that it likes Eccsjapan, saber Tiger
Metallica, underground, Rasareccs, Ingeharouin, Rettiri, Raiz
(initial), and Yuming and avril: read like Paul, the Billy scene,
free, and John, HIDE, toki, and taka, etc. : The book of the
situation for each hand is bought in large quantities if going to
Law, personal computer, mathematics, and music, etc. chiefly.
- - that complies with the law

School child?Even the university does various moneymakings and it
aduates from the university in a certain capital safely.
It was chased and the fourth grader was done to work twice at
university days.
(Evaluate it though it made in mania useless software that uses VBA
in the school days 0. )A soft title is secret.
The content experiences in real that uses "Linear programming".

Security: A bulletproof jacket, a crime prevention alarm, a
surveillance camera, and a pseudo..bullet-proof glass..
surveillance camera, etc.

Everyone : the former lecturer female office worker ages of
mathematics, English, and the information processing examination,
etc. to the occupation as knowing in multicolored Ka as for an
educational occupation. The compulsion deletion was done though a
certain free software was developed at a certain IT system bygone.
Program "Eigeabagus" done in old times is a large favorite dish in
English and "Too slang word ♪" loves pronunciation of Mr./Ms.
Kadowaki of being about to say.

Present head of unusual talent laboratory

When the pain is endured no matter how it falls and articles are
collected because there will be book production + publication on
one's own account after a long time next year
Ganganing aims at "Harmful books", "Discontinuance", and "No
Ministry of Education science authorization textbook" about
Completion * of three per five o'clock January 5"Unusual talent
final theorem ver1" is limited publishing w.
w that sells slightly
w when being slightly reprinting

I the unusual talent team at present, only ♪ uselessness function
is aesthetics in the motto as for "A useless thing is done hard".

Will not contribute personal computer (Blue Gene/L) even to NPO by
making it?
(the price is 840 million yen. )
I like Hit the mania and the core. (However, the mania who doesn't
have productivity is sorry. )
*I'm sorry by the hope such as the link, the advertisement, and
coverage. Everything is refused.
*It is youtube recently and considerable ♪http://jp.youtube.com/>watch? the disturbed guy. w to open the sound source to the


Function list of "Bihime"(temporary)

ROI analysis" Menu

Cost for each result of ROI (cost-effectiveness) of each result number advertisement mediu
according to acquisition result the number of (transition) inducement factor

It is a function to analyze information that becomes basic to judge the quality of the
Web site.

It is a function that can be known to take behavior of the visitor on introduction page li
secession page list Web site of the average stay time of each the number of visitors page

according to former list of inducement of the number of "Access analysis" menu page view t
number of (transition) visitors (visit first time and repeat customer)(each access host
according to URL according to the domain according to the type) search engine list retriev
term list stay time in detail.

It is a function that how much the effect of the analysis by way of "Route analysis"
menu Junhi coming route analysis reverse-Hi coming route analysis page relation
analysis page advertisement continues (indirect, advertising effect) can be analyzed.

Frequency for visiting to result of average visiting frequency to visit interval to result
s of
inducement number of each advertisement of content of "Ability to pull in more customers
analysis" medium result
The appearance of one week of the Web site is gripped and the outline can be gripped with
without seeing the management screen.

Other than a lot of return search engines that are ..term of retrieval of breakdown to amo
of money Web of acquisition result site of trend inducement origin in inducement origin tr
acquisition result number of results of content of "Weekly mail" (breakdown according to
>>result) ranking.. ..other than a lot of retrieval term ranking search engines of return th
are.. ..inducement former ranking.. soon soon, inducement former rankings other than searc
engine connected with result of retrieval term ranking connected with detailed result of
access connected with result of inducement former ranking Web site of page view number
introduction page ranking secession page ranking according to page view number page accord
to an inspection trend day of the week
Information on visitor's retrieval term and the inspected page, etc. reaches by mail whene
the result is achieved.

Visit detailed information result of visitor who arrives at result of amount of money of
result of acquisition of content of "Result synchronization mail" number acquisition resul
content inducement former inspection page list first time date and accumulation frequency
visiting access former host name


Details are uncertain.


Soft * XX that uses Excel VBA

The ring tone melody for AU is being made now.
Because it opens it to the public as soon as it is possible to do.

love wors☆You don't have permission to access this page. lol

In unusual talent laboratory issue book.. article not for sale
It is ver2.0 this time.
Because the content of the book is an attack and a crash, it becomes
an article not for sale.  

テーマ : ゜+*:.♬♥⒣⒠⒧
ジャンル : ブログ

Dissociative Identity Disorder




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Multiple Personality Disorder
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