Is the top spammer caught?Does the spam mail decrease in 27-years old man and・・・

Recently, the federal grand jury in Seattle, Washington prosecuted man (27) estimated to be
one person who was delivering a large amount of spam (spam mail) in the world for the crime
of 35 like the mail swindle, the communication swindle, the E-mail swindle, and a malignant
individual information theft and money laundering (money laundering), etc.Associated Press
told it.

The man is a Robert Alain solo way defendant according to the indictment. It is this
defendant's company Newport Internet in the computer network that takes over an individual
personal computer by the illegal code and expands it from 2003.
・Millions of spams that advertised marketing were sent. The owner doesn't understand even if
the personal computer is taken over, and it becomes "State of the zombi" manipulated whom the
computer is before it knows.

All the fact chargeds were negated in the arraignment that was the court on the same day, and
it pleaded innocence though it was arrested by the combination investigation groups such as
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Seattle federal public prosecutor bureaux on this
defendant May 30. The higher rank of world Internet safety program director and Tim Klan ton
Mr. of Microsoft speak this defendant with "It is a spammer also in the world who enters ten
high rank people". 「It was a big problem for our customer. It is a very good day today. 」It
was pleased. The prosecutor's office spoke, "The computer user will notice spam decrease in

The solo way defendant lives in the exclusive apartment house, and owns an expensive Mercedes
convertible according to the prosecution. The prosecution side requests the seizure of 773,000
dollars that seems that this defendant earned through the Newport company it. This defendant
has been receiving 10 million dollar compensation instructions to the small Internet and the
service firm in Oklahoma state besides it loses a suit by the civil suit of the spam twining
in 2005 and payment of the ransom of seven million dollars is ordered by Microsoft.

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